Coffee matters, yes indeed coffee is a very important part of most of our live’s these days especially in the morning. At Hluhluwe River Lodge we have always tried to ensure availability of good filter coffee which we sourced from a distributor that delivers all things coffee and tea to our door. More recently we had the good fortune of talking to Charlie Denison of Cultivar and Craig Charity of Lineage roastery and coffee shop’s based in Hillcrest and Waterfall near Durban. Craig and Charlie have set us up with a high end coffee grinder and now supply us with fresh beans from Colombia, Burundi and Tanzania amongst other countries of origin. We now offer daily freshly ground beans for our beautiful stainless coffee plunger’s and guests can be guaranteed of a beautiful rich coffee and aroma on arriving for breakfast in the mornings. We also offer Espresso and Americano coffee’s on request. We continue to up our coffee game and look forward to sharing a good cup when you visit.