This morning Elton our front desk manager noticed evidence of a visitor who had left signs of his presence among the chalets last night. Just behind Chalet 3 and between the two family rooms, a Leopard left a fresh pad print in the sandy pathway that guests use to get to and from their accommodation. The area is well lit at night and one can only imagine the amazing sight of an adult Leopard walking casually just a few meters from where our guests are fast asleep in their rooms. There have been several sightings of spoor lately and an amazing photo taken by Martijn Verbeek our neighbor at Wildebeest Eco Lodge . Martijn photographed a Leopard using a camera trap. Spoor were found the following morning on Hluhluwe River Lodge.

We are pretty sure that the Leopard photographed by Martin is the same one visiting Hluhluwe River Lodge. What a wonderful thing it is to have such a beautiful predator in our midst. It is likely that this Leopard is feeding on Red Duiker that are abundant in the forests that surround the lodge, the Duiker is an ideal sized prey for a Leopard which at approximately 10 to 15 Kilograms is relatively easy to catch and dispatch. We will keep you posted as I am sure that this Leopard will be around for a while yet.We need to be careful with our dogs as Leopards are known to be quite partial to domestic dogs as a food source. Our rather rotund Jack Russell ‘Sushi’ will have to be on high alert!